The Cleveland Park Club Foundation’s mission is to preserve “…the history and architecture of the District of Columbia with particular reference to The Cleveland Park Club and the Cleveland Park area.”

The Cleveland Park Club Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded two grants to make the historic Clubhouse accessible. A grant in the amount of $21,185 was made to fully fund the installation of a mechanical lift to allow access to the porch to visitors with mobility issues. Another grant, in the amount of $25,000, was made to provide for making the first floor of the Clubhouse level and for creating an ADA-accessible bathroom on the first floor.

We would like to thank Jinny Stern and her late husband Bob, Louisa and Bill Newlin, and Arlene and Sheldon Holen for their generous gifts to make the lift project a reality. We would also like to thank Tracy Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Warm Springs Foundation for their generous grant of $25,000 to fund the interior accessibility alterations.

The list of repairs needed to restore and preserve the clubhouse is long and the funds are short.  Please click here to donate now to help us make sure the clubhouse is around for another 100 years to be enjoyed by generations to come.  Over the past four years we have raised over $100,000 and awarded the same in grants for restoration projects.

We are a 501 (c)(3) organization. Your tax deductible contribution will go directly toward the restoration work.

Thank you for your support!


Send checks made out “Cleveland Park Club Foundation” to P.O. Box 11192, Washington, DC 20008