Campaign off to a great start!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our Giving Tuesday fundraising appeal for the porch wall/steps project!  To date we have raised nearly $10,000 of our goal of $30,000.  Well done Cleveland Park.

Please spread our appeal (below) to those you think would like to make a lasting gift of support to the building that has been the center of the neighborhood for almost a hundred years.

Cleveland Park Club Foundation
P.O. Box 4815
Washington, D.C. 20008

November 25, 2016

Dear Members,

As we approach Giving Tuesday, we are writing to ask for your help.  Actually, we are writing on behalf of the 116-year-old structure that has been the home of the Cleveland Park Club since the early 1920s.  The Clubhouse needs your 100% tax-deductible financial help.

After a year of investigation and planning, the Club’s board decided that a whole-house renovation – and more specifically the mortgage that it would entail – was not a responsible financial decision.  The good news is that while the house needs a lot of work, it is not about to fall down.  With the help of our structural engineer, we have prioritized the needed projects and will tackle them over time.

This summer we established an historic preservation charity as a means of fundraising to restore the historic clubhouse and preserve the club’s history.  The Cleveland Park Club Foundation will enable tax-deductible contributions to fund grants to rehabilitate the building.

Our first capital project is the replacement of the foundation wall that supports the front of the Club’s porch, which is cracked and bowed.  The porch will need to be supported, the failing brick foundation wall removed, and a new wall built in its place, which will be covered in stucco and painted, as it is now, and has been since it was built.

In addition, we will be removing the brick staircase from the front of the house and the iron railings.  Neither are original to the house.  We will be replacing these with a wide wooden staircase that will span the two porch columns where the current stairs are located.  A similar staircase was original to the house and existed at least up until the early 1960s.

Photos related to the project, including the failing wall and photos of the original staircase can be found on the CPC Foundation’s website.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of 2016 to fund this project which will begin immediately after the New Year.  What would be most heartening is if we could achieve 100% participation from our membership.

We are looking for a member, or group of members, to sponsor the restoration of the front steps, a $4,000 project.  We would love to recognize this generous contribution with a brass plaque on the top stair riser.

As “Giving Tuesday” approaches on November 29th, will you consider making a tax-deductible gift and join one of our giving circles?

“3433” Clubhouse Circle:  Gifts of $3433 or more will be prominently recognized on a benefactors’ plaque to be mounted prominently at the clubhouse. 

Founders Circle:  Gifts of $1922, commemorating the year the Club was founded, will also be recognized on the benefactors’ plaque.

Friends of the Porch:  Gifts of $300 will be recognized with an inscribed brick that will border the front walkway. We will contact you for the inscription text.

No gift is too small or too large.  A gift in any amount you are comfortable giving will help – what is most important is that, as a community, we are all invested in this together.  We will be reaching out to Club alumni, families who have built lasting memories at the Club.  What a great message to send to them: that our current membership is stronger than ever and dedicated to the long-term preservation of the house to be used and enjoyed by future generations of neighborhood families.

This week begins the Cleveland Park Club’s 95th year.  We hope that 95 years from now, families are still coming together on the front porch making friendships and memories.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the CPC Foundation as part of your year-end giving plan.  Checks can be made out and sent to:

Cleveland Park Club Foundation
P.O. Box 4815
Washington, DC 20008

You can also make a contribution online right now at our donation link.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your support of the Cleveland Park Clubhouse for current and future generations.


Bob Ward
CPC Foundation President

Larry Lawrence
CPC Foundation Treasurer

Minturn Wright
CPC Foundation Secretary

Porch Wall Project

After a year of analysis into the structural health of the historic 116 year old Clubhouse building, and several immediate repairs, our top renovation priority is rebuilding the wall the that supports the front of the porch.

The campaign aims to raise the $30,000 needed for the project this fall.  Click here to donate now. To learn more about the project, the engineer’s recommendations, and the plan to restore the original wooden staircase to the building, visit the project page.