One of the great challenges of the Cleveland Park Clubhouse is its position on a steep slope.  From the entrance at 33rd place to the gate at Ordway Street is a 15 foot drop in elevation.  This means that every time it rains, water uphill will find its way downhill.  Roof runoff is handled through gutters and pipes.  The pool area is also manged through drains and pipes.  For the rainwater falling on the upper grounds, much of it runs down the hill and stairs, but water also seeps into the soil and eventually through the foundation of the house.

The following pictures illustrate the damage rainwater does to the foundation of the house.

Many of the problems the house faces can be traced to the water seepage through the house foundation:  the rot found in support beams; mortar in the stone foundation and brickwork has turned to sand; the settlement of the house causing the bowing in the ballroom floor and unevenness of the upper floors, can all find their root cause in the water that seeps through the foundation of the house.  Some of these problems have been arrested, but the root cause, the water, has not fully been addressed.

Our goal is to capture the rainwater through sloping and catch basins and route it through pipes to the lower level where it will be managed away from the house structure.  This one project will go a long way to preventing future deterioration of the house due to damp conditions.