Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $30,000 to make this project a reality!  In December the Foundation awarded a grant to the Cleveland Park Club for the replacement of the porch foundation wall and restoration of the broad wooden porch stairs.

Here are some pictures of the work as it was done under the porch:


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After a thorough review of the Clubhouse by a structural engineer, the most pressing item to address is the foundation wall that supports the porch in the front (west) of the house.  According to the engineer’s report:

The wall beneath the porch will need to removed and replaced from the top of the footing upward. A backup wall consisting of 8-inch CMU reinforced with #5 bars at 24-inches on center should be used for the structure of the new retaining wall. The dowels will need to be set into the existing footing with epoxy anchors.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to pay for this project THIS FALL.  Please consider making a generous tax deductible contribution so that we can fund this restoration project. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

Based on photographs, we have a good idea what the exterior wall looked like when the house was new.  Internally, the wall was made of brick set upon a stone footing, with a series of brick piers underpinning the porch columns.  The outer surface of the wall was parged.

Original to the house was a wide wooden staircase spanning the first two columns.  The project will remove the current brick staircase and the iron railings that narrowed the entryway to the porch, and restore the wide wooden staircase seen in the pictures below.